Business Continuation and Succession Planning

Achiever’s Edge: 
Management teams focused on long-term growth and stability plan to protect the business if there is loss or departure of key leaders.

Whether due to death, disability, voluntary separation from service or retirement, the departure of business owners and leaders often debilitates an unprepared organization. You can avoid crisis by proactively engaging in continuity and succession planning that creates a blueprint for the future. A well-communicated plan ensures a smooth transition for employees and customers, while managing potential marketplace anxiety and reaction. Acting proactively, you protect long-term business performance and value.

The process of selecting and developing successors who adequately understand the business, gain acceptance from members of the organization, and are comfortable and competent with current leadership can be challenging. Typical steps involve organizing your team of advisors, including your attorney, accountant, insurance agent, financial advisor and business consultant.

Achievement Resources advisors help you:

  • Identify potential leadership gaps
  • Identify potential successors
  • Develop a succession plan
  • Communicate change and its implications
  • Coach and develop leaders
  • Develop a unified team
  • Track, measure and communicate results