Leadership and Management Development

Achiever’s Edge: 
Effective leadership skills enable you to chart your organization’s direction with confidence, motivate others and achieve consistent success.

Leaders and managers often need and seek personal guidance and coaching. When you engage in a structured development program, you gain clarity about your personal strengths, interests, challenges and ambitions, and also learn how to recognize opportunities to lead that exist around you. As you grow in your leadership capability, you develop attitudes, habits, knowledge and skills that inspire and motivate others. You and your team achieve goals much faster than you did before.

The Achievement Resources development process accelerates your understanding and implementation of leadership “best practices” that transform organizations. We train and coach you and your team members to be more strategic and effective in areas including:

  • Casting Vision 
  • Developing Enthusiasm
  • Goal Setting and Motivation
  • Value Alignment and Collaboration
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Negotiating and Influencing Others
  • Empowering Others
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Time Management
  • Resource Management
  • Leading and Managing Change