Achievement Resources, LLC, offers multiple resources, programs and workshops for our clients. We use proprietary tools developed by our experts, as well as several created by recognized institutions and organizations and tested with hundreds of clients. As a Leadership Management International (LMI) member organization, AR also maintains:

  • Partnerships with experts and business consulting colleagues in more than 60 countries
  • Materials available in 23 languages
  • Access to some of the most sophisticated and effective individual and organizational assessments in the marketplace today

For helpful insight and current news, follow Renwick Brutus on Twitter and subscribe to his blog. In the coming months, please stay tuned for more information about the AR eNews in development now. Also, the first book in a series of quick tips for success, the Achiever's Pocket Guide to Effective Networking is now available for purchase by contacting the Achievement Resources headquarters.

Featured Workshops

$trategic $ense

Provides entrepreneurs and business owners an intimate experience with the process for thinking strategically and establishing a clear pathway to success for their enterprise. Participants will learn to:

  • Assess their internal capabilities, preferences and competencies 
  • Understand the competitive market environment
  • Select the course of actions that will position their enterprise to accelerate and achieve considerable progress

Motivating Peak Performance

Equips leaders to create a high-performance work environment and generate superior results from work teams. Participants will learn to:

  • Facilitate discovery and alignment of personal and organizational goals 
  • Define and implement steps that will produce a healthy and productive culture
  • Stimulate creativity, resourcefulness, and a desire amongst team members to set and achieve goals
  • Foster and maintain attitudes of productive playfulness, peak performance and celebration

Collaborative Selling

Helps sales professionals, sales managers, and professionals who are involved with business development, relationship management, and fund development improve performance and results. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Develop and internalize a “help” mindset and philosophy
  • Execute simple communication disciplines that are innate, but seldom utilized, to cultivate and nurture relationships
  • Engage and excite prospects, customers and donors to partner for mutual long-term success
  • Develop habits that insure ease of helping others continually and generate financial reward consistently

Uniquely You

Serves as an impetus for defining and establishing a powerful brand that projects and delivers precisely the image and experiences that you intend. Participants will learn to:

  • Examine the most significant points of differentiation of their organization
  • Identify the most pivotal messages, behaviors and experiences that must be delivered consistently
  • Select the most appropriate audiences, methods and frequency of delivery of the brand experiences
  • Evaluate and measure the impact of branding strategies 

Executive Showcase

Designed for executives who want to improve organizational performance and results.  Participants will accelerate organizational change and growth as our facilitators help you:

  • Set personal and organizational productivity goals
  • Identify priority areas, disciplines and people for change and improvement
  • Measure progress and return on investment
  • Identify initiative for advancing organizational improvement

Models for Management

Designed to increase managerial effectiveness through adopting findings from scientific research into the best practices used by the most effective managers in business, the military, non-profit and government sectors. This program guides and coaches managers to:

  • Identify personal assumptions about managing
  • Examine proven models for managerial effectiveness
  • Compare personal managerial practices with the behaviors of the most effective managers
  • Modify behaviors to achieve measureable improvement in performance and results.  

Speaking Engagements

A captivating public speaker, Renwick quickly draws audience members in with compelling anecdotes that illustrate his messages. He is a natural storyteller who enjoys taking time out from consulting to share his expertise on topics including:

  • The Entrepreneurial Path
  • Becoming Exceptional
  • Transcending Adversity
  • Pay for Play
  • Service as a Success Strategy
  • Creating High Performance Organizations
  • Competitive Selling Strategies
  • Designing Effective Business Systems
  • Managing for Financial Success
  • Deliver Your Best
  • Defying Comparison ... Being Uniquely You
  • Celebrating Change ... A Pathway to Achievement

Renwick customizes his presentations for specific audiences. He welcomes interaction with small groups and is recognized for his delivery of memorable keynote addresses. If you are interested in scheduling a speaking engagement with Renwick, please call 616.245.3710, email, or send a request through the Contact tab in the navigation bar above.