Tom Hughes

Tom is living proof of the positive impact of an investment in personal development. Once under-educated and unemployed, Tom determined to change his course. Through hard work and an openness to learn, he became a successful sales professional, entrepreneur, and now, business coach and training facilitator.

In a career that includes 30+ years in sales, sales management and business ownership, Tom has founded and sold companies, built and managed successful sales teams, sold to and managed accounts, and managed day-to-day business operations. Today, he draws on a vast reservoir of experiences and resources to support client development and growth.

As a business owner for the past 20 years, Tom has a passion for entrepreneurship and the art of sales – both areas of passion and expertise in which he always has relevant knowledge and experience to share.

“If you believe, put in the work, make the investment in yourself and give it time, you can achieve the goals you most desire”. - Tom Hughes